What Should Be in Your Car at All Times

I just finished reading an article titled “Must Haves for Your Car” which was extremely informative but a few things were left out which needs to be discussed as well. I travel as much as I can, whether it is across state lines for vacation or to my girlfriend’s house, which is a two-hour drive or to a concert…or wherever. So many places that I travel to. The point being that life needs to be experienced daily, and I for one will experience it however some items are essential for travel.

I travel the interstate a lot if I am going a long distance or to a place I’m not familiar with, so I know I will run into toll charges. My cup holder has about $5 worth of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters which usually accumulates from change from a cup of coffee or a fast food place that’s all thrown in one spot. I supplement this if I plan a long-distance getaway.

I am a member of AAA, so if I get a flat or run out of gas, they will come and help me out. Really not a whole lot I can do mechanically since I walk with a cane, but you know i will be trying. New cars usually have a roadside assistance plan.

Along with the change is a cell phone, even a Tracfone will do. No sense having roadside service if you cannot call from your car. I think Tracfones are expensive, so I enrolled in another cell phone plan. do your research before you choose.

Also my GPS is very important to me. I don’t have to pull over and read a map, trust your GPS. before I take off, I download MapQuest for a backup.

Here is perhaps just a slight bit more information that might be needed by other’s who are, like myself, disabled. Personally, because of my disability, I always carry a plastic urinal in my vehicle. Yes, I know it’s sort of embarrassing to admit, but am a very honest person. I urinate a lot and I don’t like to stop my car and do my stuff on the side of the road. Public indecency and no one can really see you if you are in your driver’s seat.

I always stay up-to-date on my oil changes, make sure my fluids are topped off; and on general upkeep and clean the corvette cover. simple things can lead to major issues down the road.

I always have a couple of sweatshirts in my back seat, along with a wool blanket in my trunk. Maine winters are cold.

With your inspection, up to date, insurance, registration, extra key, flares, first aid kit, couple of notebooks, pens, disposable camera, corvette car cover and a smile and you are good to go. enjoy my friend!