Process of Tree surgery northeast

Tree surgery is a process of adjusting damaged branches and removal of afflicted part to prevent further decay. Some people think that tree surgery is nothing more than cutting or pruning branches. To some extent this is correct. But when cutting or pruning a tree, you should follow several techniques which are included in the process of tree surgery northeast. If not, the tree can get affected. And, that’s not something you actually want, do you??

Preparation before tree surgery:

There are many ways for both cutting and pruning trees. But before starting, you need to take some precaution not only for the tree’s safety but also yours. These are:

1.    Before cutting or pruning, make sure the tree is secured. If the tree is weak, due to any disease or damage in the trunk, tie it with a rope to a nearby tree. It will help to continue your task without damaging the tree.
2.    If the trunk is weak, you may use mobile elevating platform or crane to work on the tree safely. For this, you need to have knowledge about using different types of equipment which a professional tree surgeon has.

These two are the basic preparation that will be taken in any kind of tree surgery northeast. These will secure your tree’s safety during pruning or cutting the tree.

Methods of Pruning:

There are also several varieties in the technique of pruning. Dead wooding, Crown lifting, Crown thinning, Reducing, Pollarding are some of them.

•    Dead Wooding: In this method, all dead branches are removed from the tree canopy. It helps to protect the tree from getting affected by any kind of fungal diseases.
•    Crown Lifting: Crown lifting is the process of cutting down the lower branches of the tree. It is done to create room for the people to pass underneath. It also prevents creating darkness by letting more light to pass through.
•    Crown thinning: Certain branches of the whole tree are removed evenly in this process. It is also done to allow more light and the wind to pass through.
•    Reducing: The size of the tree is reduced by cutting some branches. You need to be expert or hire an expert tree surgeon otherwise, the tree can get affected.
•    Pollarding: Only a few trees can cope up with this method. This is done for a dense mass of branches of the tree. In this process, almost all the branches of the tree are cut down leaving only a little portion of the trunk.

Methods of Cutting trees:

Two techniques are followed depending on the tree’s location. These are:

•    Tree Felling
•    Tree Dismantling

Tree Felling: Tree felling is simply cutting down the tree at the root. When there is enough space around the tree this process is followed to remove the tree. But the process of removing is not as easy as it sounds. It should be performed by a qualified or expert personal to ensure the safety. You need to have a lot of experience and knowledge to do it accurately which you will find in the tree surgery northeast. Felling wedges, felling levers, ropes and in some case, tractors are used during this process.

Tree Dismantling: When there is not enough room for falling the tree, it is cut into sections and disposed of gradually. This is done by using mobile elevated work platform or climbing on the tree. Like the tree falling process, this process also requires enough cautions to avoid any kind of damage.

All these processes require a lot experience. You also need to have knowledge on cutting and pruning trees which are available in tree surgery northeast. Removing a branch very close to the tree or pruning in an incorrect way may damage the tree. That’s why you need an expert tree surgeon to take care of the trees.