What is vertical pressure leaf filter and the reasons behind choosing it?

While processing the oil, in the different stage of production, the raw materials of the oil is purified in several times. The machine used to filter the ingredients of the oil is called the pressure leaf filter. Pressure leaf filter filters different components and accelerates the oil production. Pressure leaf filter generally comes in two different forms: vertical pressure leaf filter and horizontal pressure leaf filter. The basic differences in these two type of pressure leaf filter are in the placement. One machine is placed horizontally, and the other one is vertical. In this article, I will discuss the vertical pressure leaf filter.

Vertical pressure leaf filter

Vertical pressure leaf filter is oriented vertically. It is suitably designed for working in the high pressure and hazardous environment and possibly providing the quality output. Vertical pressure leaf filter is suitable for processing and filter oil in an easy manner. The application and the usage of pressure leaf filter are quite easy. In a vertical tank, you need to give the input from the top side of the tank which is easy to be done. It discharges the cake without any hassle while filtering the leaves.

Vertical pressure leaf is best suited for

If you have no clear idea about the horizontal and vertical pressure leaf filter, you may get confused which one would be suitable for you. Both types of pressure leaf have different application and usage. You should choose the vertical pressure leaf filter in following circumstances:

1)    Horizontal pressure leaf filter has to be placed horizontally, that’s why it occupies more space. But vertical pressure leaf filter stands vertically and takes less space to be operated. So, if you have less space and need to place many machineries on this place, you can go for the vertical pressure leaf filter.

2)    Sometimes you need to extract oil in the hazardous environment where you need to be saved from the toxic, inflammation and the other things. In the situation of environmental hazard, you need to set up the vertical pressure leaf filter.

3)    If you require high quality clarity from the pressure leaf filter, you need to go for the vertical pressure leaf filter.

4)    If there is any chance of the cake of the leaves is discharged either in the dry form or the thickened slurry form, you should consider the vertical leaf filter.

So, if you are in oil extracting and processing industry and looking for pressure leaf filter, you can initially consider the vertical pressure leaf filter for its high-quality performance and easy maintenance. And for the startup of the oil processing business, vertical pressure leaf filter is the best choice.

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