Things you ought to Know about Parrot Care

If you have a parrot, then spending a few minutes to read this article is essential so as to know how to groom your parrot. It may seem crazy, but bird care should not just be taken for granted so as to enhance their good health and well-being and it often requires a lot of time so as to do it in the best way there is.

Cage Cleanliness

The parrot cage requires daily cleaning, and one should use mild soap and pure water only. Your hands should always be washed before handling a bird or preparing its food as it is quite easy to give a parrot bacterial infections. For instance, human saliva contains bacteria that are usually very harmful to these birds.

Diet and Nutrition

The diets for these bird species may vary from species to species, but there are lots of common foods deemed to be suitable for all parrot types. Every diet for a bird should have bird seed, fresh water, fresh fruits parrot pellets, and vegetables.

Bird Grooming

The beaks and nails of birds never stop growing hence require clipping after every 4-5 weeks, and this is essential as your parrot may get staged due to this long beaks and nails which may cause injury. Also, sprays and fresh water baths daily help maintain your bird’s feathers in good condition.


It is also an important point to note on how to groom your parrot. If at all they are left alone, they may suffer from mental health issues hence making it important that they acquire a lot of interactions with both you and your family. It should be treated as a member of your family and it also acts like one and the best method to ensure that this happens is by placing its cage where your family spends most of its leisure time. However, it should not be put in the kitchen as the oven emits chemicals that are toxic to parrots.

Bird Cages

There is nothing that often has a significant impact on the bird’s mental health such as the size of the parrot’s cages. To allow the bird too quickly spread and flap its wings, it should be easily big enough. Also, there is an importance to be a big enough room for five large parrot toys and without the parrot being cramped. Checking the cage on a regular basis for any damages that can harm your bird is also a good move.

Parrots have been popular pets for many centuries now it is not hard to understand why so. They have attractive personalities, superb colors, intelligent, easy to train and also very bright. However, these significant advantages often make people overlook the minus points that come with owning a parrot and quite sadly, this usually results in many birds developing behavioral and health problems. It is thus very crucial for one to get to know properly to prevent these problems.