Things to Look for Before Buying Vinyl Cutting Machine for T-Shirts

A vinyl cutting machine is a computer controlled machine which looks like a computer printer. But in the vinyl machine, a blade is installed instead of the pen which is used to make symbols on the t-shirt or another type of clothes. The vinyl machine can cut and design different type of shape and symbol in the cloth. Not only in the cloth but the vinyl machine can be stuck on any type of surface. The vinyl machine comes with different quality and design. If you want to make solid and quality design of any material, you need to choose the right vinyl machine.

You can make beautiful designs on the t-shirt using the vinyl machine. If you are buying the vinyl machine for the first time, you need to look for different things buying the best one. Buying a professional and quality vinyl machine, you can make some really good designs on the t-shirt. Here, I am describing what things you should look for buying the best vinyl cutting machine for t shirt.

Drive motor

The power of the vinyl machine comes from the drive motor. You need to look for the power of the drive motor while choosing the vinyl machine. You will get two types of the motor in the vinyl machine one is the stepper motor and the other one is the servo motor. If you want something in the budget, you can choose the stepper motor but it produces much noise which is one of the disadvantages of it. On the other hand, the servo motor is more advanced and can be operated through the digital command. If you want greater output and smooth work, you should choose the servo motor.

Advanced sensor

The advanced marked sensor of the vinyl machine can provide a better cut and print to the object. You should choose the vinyl which has the ability to provide proper cut and perforate. Having these two things in a vinyl, a vinyl can provide the most accurate and proper cut. Plotters having built-in-media sensor provides the best performance as they can detect the surface easily.

Adjustable pinch roller

While choosing the vinyl cutter, you should choose the adjustable pinch roller. The adjustable pinch rollers can provide the moderate amount of pressure to the media. With the advanced pinch roller, you can do the precise work on the t-shirt.

Media cut off feature

The media cut off feature of the vinyl cutter helps you to do the precise cut on the t-shirt without any material waste. The platen of the vinyl cutter can be damaged due to the improper use of the vinyl cutter. But you can reduce the risk of damaging the platen choosing the vinyl machine wisely.

So, these are some important things to look for before buying a vinyl cutting machine for the t-shirt.