The Chicago magician you should go for

The city of Chicago is big, and finding the perfect place to go out for dinner or a show might take more time figuring out than you want. It’s like this everywhere that has a large population. Various businesses open and close. And when it comes to finding an entertainer for your kid’s birthday or some other event, the things get complicated. Though things aren’t as negative. The biggest problem with the whole situation is figuring out which choice you should pick. As far as performers go, Chicago has a lot to offer. There are singers, dancers, etc. However, there is one group of entertainers that people seem to be forgetting nowadays. They are, of course, magicians and illusionists. It appears that their shows are not as popular as they once were. Fortunately, they seem to be making a comeback and finding the right guy for your event might not be that hard. If you happen to be thinking about hiring somebody who can do tricks, the question you are potentially asking yourself is this – it is hard to pick out the Chicago magician that would suit my interests, so which one should I go with? Here is a list of the best guys the city of Chicago has to offer:

•    Edward Stone. This guy has been performing magic since he was a little kid. He got his first break at the age of twelve. One of the best illusionists in Canada noticed his talent and immediately invited Edward to join him. Nowadays, Stone travels all across the North America and performs in all sorts of events. The reviews he receives are always of the highest rating, a testament to his talent and dedication to the performance. If you want to book this entertainer, make sure to do so quick, because his schedule is tight and he is busy throughout the year.

•    Taylor Lewis. Nicknamed ‘The Pelican Trapper”, Taylor is one of the rising stars in the world of magic. While he may not have the fame and fortunate some other magicians have, he is steadily making his way to the top. Lewis has a lot of experience as he has performed in a vast variety of events. Doing tricks in front of thousands of people, an audience of celebrities or the private home is a testament to his talent and greatness.

•    Scott Piner. Not only is he a magician but he also acts, directs, and teaches. Quite a portfolio, if you ask us. Guests love him, and what’s not to admire about a guy who dedicates his life to his career. A true professional and master of his craft, Scott is one of the best in the business.

The Chicago magician you ought to choose is entirely up to you. There are plenty of great performers, and they all have different and great acts.