Ice machine

Now days ice machines became an important equipment which are found everywhere from place like hospital to restaurants. Especially in the restaurant you need to have right machine. Because after oven, the ice machine is what considered as the single most important piece of machine in any food service business these days.

Choosing the right ice machine for your business:

Almost every types of food service need to have an ice machine. As there is a lot of configurations and styles are available, understanding which one is the meilleure machine à glaçons for business and will suit your business’s need is really important. There are three basic styles in commercial ice machines.

  • Modular ice machine: These machines are commonly available in 22”, 30” and 48” widths. These are designed for sitting on top of an ice machine bin, a soda dispenser or an ice machine dispenser. The output range of this machine is from 250 lbs to 1000 lbs per day.
  • Undercounter ice machine: Undercounter ice machine or self-contained ice machine is perfect for small bars, cafes or business that usually doesn’t much ice. The maximum output capacity of these machines are 350 lbs per. But some higher capacity models also do exist.
  • Countertop ice dispenser: These are often used in health care settings and may dispense water too. Instead of having a small bin, they still can produce ice up to 400 lbs per day, which has also made them great small commercial ice maker.

If you really want to have the answer of the question that ‘how to choose an ice machine?’ you need to understand what kind of ice you really need for using in your business and what kind of machines can produce that. There are certain types of ice cubes that melt slowly, easy to chew or have specific shapes for specific applications. The discussion below may help you to understand what you’ve been looking for.

  • Cube ice: The most commonly used ice which melts slowly. It can potentially reduce customer’s ice consumption in comparison with other types. The full cube size is approximately 7/8” x 7/8” and the half is half of the full.
  • Nugget ice: This slow melting ice is mostly used in health care industry due to its softer and easy to chew than cube ice feature. It is also known as compressed nugget or chewblet ice. Nugget ice machines can do great in case of smoothies, cold beverage and blended drinks.
  • Flake ice: If you want small, soft flakes of ice that cool rapidly and mold to any shape, Flake ice machine is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It is mainly used in ice displays for sea food, fish, meat and on salad bars. In blended drinks it can also be used. It is softer and easy to chew in comparison with cube ice.

An ice machine is not something that you will change every month. So try to understand what you need for your business and what can get you that. You also need to consider the machine you’ve thinking to get for your business, if its capacity is compatible with your business’s needs.