How to get double down casino codes

Double down casino is a very popular social casino game played by millions of players around the world through Facebook and smartphones. You can play varieties of games starting from blackjack, poker to slots etc. You can find double down casino code on their website for playing the game. The game does not allow you to win real money, rather it is virtual money.

There are two ways of playing double down casino. Either you can play it on your computer or laptop or you can play download their app in your mobile. Through the computer, you can play in double down pages. Or you can play via Facebook easily.

When you go to the double down casino site, you can either play as a guest or you can play by logging through Facebook. But playing as a guest allows you to play for 30 minutes only. After the 30 minutes, you have to register to play further. For the first timers, there are 1 million free chips to play the offered games.

But for a regular player, it is difficult to get available free chips. There are two ways of getting free chips as well. Either you can buy them from double down casino or you can use promo codes to get a small number of chips.

Double down casino promo codes last for a very short time. So it is very difficult to get them as they remain active for only 6 to 12 hours. Though some Facebook pages and groups publish these codes, most of the time they are so late that these are expired or going to be expired soon. So to help you get chips easily, the website publishes codes on a regular basis. These are not just published randomly, rather they are tested before to be sure that they work. You can follow their Facebook page as well.

To be able to use the promo codes, at first you need to sign in to your Facebook account and open double down. Then you need to click the icon which is found in a pop-up window and look for the promo code. When you find one, you need to copy the codes in a text file to paste to promo codes. By clicking apply you can enjoy your game without any trouble.

If you check the double down casino user review, you can get to see how satisfied the customers are with the provided solutions. They have rated the website very high after using the promo codes provided by the website. The comments and Facebook page are proof how pleased the customers are. The website is so user-friendly that users can get the promo codes within minutes and use them.

There is also a professional team who work firmly so that you can be kept updated with the promo codes. They collect all the available codes and taste their authentication before posting on the website so that you can play with convenience.