How to Build a Deacon Wooden Bench for Foyer

Plans for a simple and easy deacons bench. This one is made from pine, of course choose any wood you prefer. Apply stain and or varnish if desired. Break all sharp edges and remember to follow all safety precautions. Size approximately 52″L 30″ high. Seat height 18″



Hammer or screw driver

Nails 6D (6 penny or wood screws

Tape measure

Framing Square

wood clamps are helpful

Supplies total cost $135 to $150

Wood screws

1x8x8′ 4pieces

1x6x8′ 4piece

1x12x6′ for Lid 1 piece

See photo and sketch for help

First cut 2 pieces 1x8x50″ long. Cut (2) 1x8x16″ long for front, back and ends of seat. Nail ends onto sides for 16″ width 51-1/2 length.

Cut 2 pieces 1x8x50″ for the bottom of the seat. Insert these into interior of seat nailing from sides and ends. I used pieces of scrap wood to cross these two bottom pieces in the center of the length for support. Nail cross from bottom outside. A few inches in length so not to show see sketch

Cut 1x6x30″ for legs 4 pieces. As shown legs are cut to 1-3/4 wide with the eye on top (5-3/4 width of 1×6 ) as a design and arm rest.

If desired form the design of the legs as seen in photo or your own design.

Connect legs to front and back as shown. Seat height 18″ including the lid thickness.

Cut 1 1x6x53″ for back rest. Attach to back of rear legs.

Cut two pieces for arm rest 1x4x16″ from the left over 1×6

Cut 1x6x6′ to 1×5-3/8×51-1/2 for the back of lid to attach hinges and complete lid space. Install flush with back of seat.

Cut lid piece to 1×11-3/8×51-/12″ Cut relief for legs. install.

You may if desired glue all mating surfaces, counter sink nails or screws and putty for appearance A pillow is also a nice touch. Just email me with any and all questions and I will do my best to answer them. Although I have not yet Cedar lined the chest it is my intention. Click here for further information.