How Preschoolers Can Easily Learn Photography

Are you a parent looking for a fun and creative activity to do with your preschooler? Why not try photography? Photography is a great way for young children to explore their surroundings and express their creativity. In this article, we will explore how preschoolers can easily learn photography and have fun doing it in play-based learning centers.

Why Photography is Good for Preschoolers

Research has shown that incorporating photography into early childhood education can positively impact children’s cognitive development and creativity. A study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology found that young children participating in photography-based activities improved their visual and spatial abilities and problem-solving skills (Kafai & Resnick, 1996).

Photography is a great way for preschoolers to develop their creativity, improve their observation skills, and explore their surroundings. Children can learn to capture images that tell a story and express their unique world perspective through photography. Furthermore, photography can be a fun and interactive activity that encourages children to explore their surroundings and engage with the world around them.

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Getting Started with Photography

To get started with photography, you will need a camera. You don’t have to buy an expensive camera; a simple point-and-shoot or smartphone camera will do. You can also use a disposable or toy camera designed for children.

Tips for Teaching Photography to Preschoolers

Here are some tips for teaching photography to preschoolers in play-based learning centers:

1. Start Simple

Start with simple concepts such as how to hold the camera, frame a shot, and press the shutter button. Encourage your child to take pictures of familiar objects such as toys, pets, and family members.

2. Encourage Creativity

Encourage your child to be creative and experiment with different angles, lighting, and perspectives. You can also encourage them to take pictures of exciting things, such as flowers, leaves, and rocks.

3. Be Patient

Photography can be frustrating at first, especially for young children. Be patient and encourage your child to keep trying. Celebrate their successes and help them learn from their mistakes.

4. Make it Fun

Make photography fun by turning it into a game. You can create a scavenger hunt where your child has to find and take pictures of specific objects, or you can have a photo contest where you both take pictures and vote on the best ones.

Challenge your child to find and photograph items around the house or outdoors corresponding to each alphabet letter. For example, “A” could be an apple, “B” could be a book, “C” could be a cat, and so on. The first person to complete the alphabet wins! This game can be played individually or as a team. To make it more challenging, you can set a time limit for each letter or require that the items be photographed in a specific order. Have fun and get creative with this photography scavenger hunt!

Once your child has taken some pictures, you can use photo editing software to enhance and improve the images. There are many free photo editing apps available that are designed for children. These apps are easy to use, allowing your child to add filters, frames, and stickers to their pictures.


Photography is a fun and creative activity that preschoolers can easily learn. By encouraging creativity and experimentation and being patient and supportive, you can help your child develop their photography skills and explore their surroundings in new and exciting ways.


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