Dustless Sanding for Healthier Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing your hardwood may seem like a dirty and dusty job, but with hardwood floors sanding, you can expect a clean, dustless refinishing job.

Sanding is an essential process in hardwood refinishing and leveling an uneven floor. It removes stains and grit and brings back the old beauty of your hardwood. Keep in mind that no matter kind of wood your floor is made of, they have a maximum number of times to be sanded.

If not given careful thought, improper sanding will result in damage of your hardwood and may even cause the price of your home to depreciate. That is why it is important to choose a floor refinishing company that knows what they are doing. Hardwood floors sanding NJ are experts in floor sanding and refinishing so they know exactly what they are doing.

After sanding, some wood may need to be replaced. Fillers may be needed, and bigger gaps between the floorboards may need to be filled with a fillet of wood that matches your hardwood floor. Hardwood floors sanding has everything covered. After your floor has been refinished, you will only see a glamorously glowing floor. You will even forget that it was just refinished. You will think that it’s a new flooring that is just freshly installed.

Harwood refinishing services such as hardwood floors are sanding use a piece of special equipment that confines the dust into a vacuum bag to prevent them from clinging to walls, furniture or draperies. This special equipment prevents dust from scattering through the air which results in a cleaner, more breathable air after the job is done. This also ensures that your hardwood floor is completely free from stains or any existing color after sanding. You may choose from any of the existing sealers after sanding. You may also want your finish to be satin, semi-gloss or gloss sheen depending on your home décor.

Since the final coating used by hardwood floors sanding is easy to dry, you no longer need to vacate your home. You may transfer your furniture in another room while work is being done in the other room. Other floors refinishing services require a few days just to ensure that their coating is fully dried. This is too much of a hassle.

If you have several rooms for refinishing, it will take you weeks before you can finally use them. What’s even worse is that other refinishing services use finishes that have very strong odors. In this case, you can’t stay in your house especially if you have kids. Renting a hotel is another cost, and it’s not cheap.

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