What Role Does Dental Photography Play?


Whether it is dental or physical checkups of any other kind, a proper diagnosis is very important in that case. Personally speaking, dental diagnosis is one of the most complex diagnoses ever. This is because doctors cannot always use several diagnosis machines and they do not detect several dental problems. The comfort and adjustment of the patients are also very important.

This is where dental photography comes to light. It helps in detecting and diagnosing many dental conditions in patients and helps the dentists near huntington beach ca outline proper treatment as well. Let us dive in and look through some important points in dental photography.

dental photography

Dental Photography- An ideal definition:

Dental photography depicts the medical documentation regarding the patient’s dental health. It clearly shows any potential symptoms, imperfections, or dental problems to both the dentist and the patient.

Dental photography is important in understanding the aesthetic condition of the patient’s teeth, which enables the dentist to run a further diagnosis and proper treatment plan.

Why is dental photography important?

First of all, it is not possible to see the inner dental problems either with the naked eye or with magnifying glasses. Dental photography shows those hidden problems and shapes through lighting.

In case of plaque or cavity, or in case the teeth need scaling or oral filling, dental photography shows the approximate or exact measurement of the teeth. This helps the dentist determine the correct amount of filling or scaling in the teeth that need to be done.

Although dental photography is one of the main tools used by dentists, it can also be used as a means of marketing dental healthcare services or hospitals. This shows off the medical aesthetics in those dental photographs. Hence, these one-of-a-kind medical tools are a good bunch of multitasking machines.

The Benefits of Dental Photography:

Although the importance has been pointed out, this will help you to understand the advantages of using a dental photography machine.

First of all, dental photography can be used for all kinds of dental treatment, whether it is general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics, orthodontics, etc. It is as good as an X-Ray machine for problem identification.

Secondly, it helps patients grasp the differences in their dental condition before and after the treatment. This also acts as a source of personal satisfaction for the patients.

Types of Dental Photography:

There are two main types of dental photography, which include intraoral photography and extraoral photography.

  • Intraoral Photography:

As the word says, this photo shows the photograph’s teeth from the inside as well, and it excludes the teeth as well. The tools of intraoral photography include contrasting palettes, mirrors, and lip retractors. This type of photography deals with two arch teeth, the prosthesis of the upper and lower arch, and upper arch teeth.

  • Extraoral Photography:

Extraoral photography shows the whole face as the outside of the face shows the morphology, or how the cheek shape looks due to the tooth structures from the outside.


Dental photography is heavily preferred over other machines, and it has started to play a huge role in dental diagnosis. Their contribution to understanding the condition of dental health is huge. Overall, the camera proved to be useful even in the medical sector.