Is teak furniture a suitable choice for your patio?

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Teak is a living material. Therefore, especially during heat and drought, small cracks may occur, which are usually opposite to the grain. The higher the oil content of the wood, the fewer cracks are expected. Cracks are not a cause for concern, because they have no impact on the stability and durability of your furniture. When damp, these cracks are reduced and can also be completely closed again. Frost damage is thus excluded. You can also get help from outdoor furniture repair Houston to get beautiful and organized patio all the time.

So, should teak furniture be covered in winter?

Teak garden furniture defies all weather conditions and can stay outside all year round. These are only covered to protect them from dirt or greying. If you opt for a cover, make sure that you only use a breathable textile membrane. Otherwise, the air is not circulating correctly, and foxing is the result. Through these small, dark spots, mushrooms can develop. Therefore, they should also be removed immediately by means of sandpaper.

Please do not store the garden furniture in heated rooms. Teak wood does not like that and will tear through the dry air. Teak loves fresh air. Just leave the furniture outside in winter and clean it in spring with teak soap and a burl brush.

How do I care for the fittings?

On most teak garden furniture, brass screws and fittings are installed. Brass is a combination of copper and zinc and initially has a golden shimmer. Since the brass does not contain any iron, it does not rust, but it starts to run and gets a green, brown, or reddish patina over time. This process, in which the metal combines with the oxygen, is called oxidation. Brass is often used for high-quality fittings. Not only do they look very decorative, but they are also of reliable quality and can withstand a lot.

How do I remove the patina from my brass fittings?

If you do not want the precious patina, it is recommended to grease the brass fittings with a paste of 1 tbsp flour, 1 tbsp vinegar, and 1 tbsp salt. These must be applied thickly to the metal and left to work well for one hour. Then wash the paste off and rub the brass thoroughly dry.

It is also vital that you tighten the screws on the free connections, such as on wheels or folding mechanisms, regularly. Otherwise, they can loosen over time and get lost in the tall grass.

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