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Incense sticks are practical ways to use incense or aromatherapy at home. You can place them in incense holders and just light them up so that they can be used to freshen the positive energies and aroma of your home. But if you are unsure about how to use them, then this article will show you how! This is the most convenient and optimal way to influence the human body with the help of fragrance.

Incense sticks can better be used with an incense holder. Incense sticks are made of fine bamboo, on which a special aromatic substance is applied along the entire length. These sticks are burned with bamboo and, in addition to the main smell, have a slight woody aroma. The sticks without a rod are made only of an aromatic substance, they do not have a special handle. The smell of such sticks is more delicate and deep.

Incense sticks spread all over the world because many ancient cultures use incense during various events. Today, the Tibetan, Chinese, Nepalese and Indian incense are the best known. Each fragrance can bring a person certain feelings and emotions.

1. Choosing the smell of incense sticks

Some incenses are intended for meditation and relaxation, others contribute to improving human performance. To not fall asleep at work, you need to know what the different flavors are all about.
Cedar, lemongrass, citrus, fennel, sandalwood, cinnamon, rosemary, magnolia are stimulating aromas that increase efficiency, make a person focus on what matters. With the help of these flavors, you can improve your memory, deal with stress, get a cheerful mood. In many eastern countries, this incense is lit in large offices.

2. Aroma

Mint, lavender, jasmine, rose, almond, oregano, myrrh, laurel: these incenses help to establish contact with people and with their own selves. Apply these aromas in various contradictions when a person does not know what to do.

These funds will help you immerse yourself in the meditation process and make the right decision. The incense, the orchid, the lemon balm, the chamomile, the geranium, the tea tree will help you calm down. Such incense perfectly relieves nervous exhaustion, pacifies after physical and mental fatigue.

3. Overcome Severe Depression – Incense Sticks

Carnation, jasmine, sage, rose, opium, juniper: they have a powerful energetic component. Those incense sticks will protect your spirit from energetic vampirism, the evil eye, and the detractors. They are capable of restoring man’s aura. Musk, patchouli, ylang-ylang, violet, nutmeg, ginger are the strongest aphrodisiacs. Such incense inflames sexual desire and desire.

Sandalwood, patchouli, pine are able to fight bacteria and germs in the air. They are often used to disinfect places where there are patients. Even in ancient times, during periods of typhoid fever, pine branches were burned in all houses to prevent infection.

Before buying, it is important to decide what exactly you need: relax or concentrate, protect your home from envious people or arouse passion in a couple. And you would need an incense holder so that you could place the stick inside of it as well.

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